Pacifist Farooq

Massacre in Maung Kyi Taung 

In bright daylight, it rained of bullets.
All over the villages, we were forced to die.
Some found with horrific wounds
Let the hospital, even first aid was a far cry


We run and hid to escape, solders said,
"Leave, you don’t belong to Burma."
Our houses were burned and we ran,
lost legs and hands in launcher-bombs.

We crossed over the stream and river
Over ranges of hill and mountains 
to save our sisters and brothers
from being raped and murdered 

We swam amid our sweats.
We ate shrubs and tree leaves for breads.
No angel to save our lives.
No angel to listen to our cries.

Our screams reached the sky
From throats dried
And birds stuck to fly
They wondered

''Is this the world or the hell?” 

They witnessed:
''Arakan, isolated and prison cell. 
Now smoky in flame and fume
The corpse turn to the living hell''


Poet’s Note: Maung Kyi Taung (Sofarrang) is a name of village in Buthidaung, Rakhine state of Myanmar. During the violence on 25 August, 2017, Burmese soldiers set fire the village and shot at villagers. Dozens were shot to dead and the rest were forced to leave the land. 

A Silvery Bird

Above the sky,
in a nest like paradise,
a silvery bird was born.

As it learned the techniques of flying, 
its neighbor was the sun,
its friend was the moon.

At a midday in the monsoon,
A sudden wind assaults the nest.
A silvery bird blown 
Onto a wild, secluded road.

The bright star makes it home.
The cold rock is overcast.
The silvery bird is alone,
Unable to fly the dark night,
It walks the mystery of roads.

Pacifist Farooq, is a young Rohingya Poet, Footballer, freelance writer, teacher, translator, humanitarian activist, peace builder, former Burmese singer and songwriter. I was born in the year 2000 in Buthidaung, Northern Rakhine state, Myanmar. He completed his matriculation examination with two distinctions in 2016. He was prevented from pursuing further education like many Rohingya. In August 2018,he narrowly escaped from the genocidal operations of Tatmadaw and now lives as a refugee in Cox’s Bazaar refugee camp. His poems are featured in anthologies like I AM A ROHINGYA, POETRY FROM THE CAMP AND BEYOND, ROHINGYA DREAM POETRY ANTHOLOGY and POETRY BUS MAGAZINE of Ireland . His poetry has been translated and published leading magazines that specialise in Arabic literature, and in Norwegian literature as well. He has been published in several leading journals, including in Kenyon review in United State and The Telegraph newspaper in England.